Carpet Repairs and Re-Stretching

Can my carpets be repaired?

Peach Carpet Care has been repairing carpet for years. Does your carpet have bulges, ripples, fireplace burns, iron burns, dye stains, hot wax, or broken seams? Peach Carpet Care has the expertise to address most needed repairs as well as missing row repairs (loop construction), surface grafting (cut pile construction) with available donor piece, carpet delamination repair or permanent section repair (pile construction).

Can my carpets be re-stretched?

The proper and best way to re-stretch carpet is with a Power Stretcher. The Power Stretcher is the only tool that can properly re-stretch carpet. This tool bites into the carpet with sharp prongs at one end and a brace that fits against the opposite wall and creates leverage across the entire area of carpet, this tool has adjustable extenders, allowing for the carpet to be stretched in most any size room.

What are carpet stretching costs?

At Peach Carpet Care, cost is determined by the square foot and depends on the type of carpet and the layout of the room. Some jobs are simple rectangular rooms while other rooms are more complex with custom features like columns, making it cost more. Certain areas like hallways are priced higher as well as seams in hallways typically will need to be opened to successfully stretch the entire area.

Please contact Peach Carpet Care for a consultation or to schedule your repairs or re-stretching. As always, HEALTHY - FRESH - CLEAN.