Upholstery Cleaning

We are specialists in all aspects of upholstery cleaning. You live (and in a lot of cases, eat and drink) on your couches, over-stuffed chairs, and sectional furniture while you are relaxing at home. This means your furniture is subject to an array of daily contaminants which can stain the fabric and cause your furniture to prematurely age and smell unpleasant.

Some of the common upholstery contaminants that Peach Carpet Care cleans every day are dirt, body oils, spills, dust, pet hair and dander, pet urine, pollen, food stains, ground in food, spilled drinks and more.

Our trained and professional carpet cleaners show up on time and are professional and courteous throughout the whole process. We utilize gentle and effective solutions along with specifically formulated treatments to protect and bring your upholstered furniture back to life so that you feel good about curling up on your freshly cleaned sofa and entertaining guests with pride.

Why does upholstery need to be cleaned regularly?

You have probably invested quite a bit of money in your furniture and you should protect your investment. Peach Carpet Care understands the importance of clean upholstery. Upholstered furniture offers lots of cushions and pillows with foam or down filling and it is almost always enclosed in fabric or leather. Even when stains are not visible, upholstery holds onto bacteria. If bacteria are not removed, it can negatively affect your health, making you or your family sick. Upholstery cleaning has also been proven to improve the air quality in your home. That’s why we recommend regular upholstery cleaning to our North Georgia and Atlanta customers who wish to be proactive and address these concerns.

The Cleaning Process

Peach Carpet Care has the training, expertise and experience to professionally clean virtually any type of upholstered fabric such as leather or fabric chairs and couches, expensive sectional couches, club chairs, dining room chairs, upholstered benches, easy chairs, loungers, upholstered stools, settees or just about any other type of upholstered furniture that you have in your house.

Before starting any job, we will inspect each piece of furniture to create a custom cleaning plan just for you. Once the method is determined, we will get to work removing soils, treating stains, and reviving your upholstery.

Peach Carpet Care also offers fabric deodorizer as well as authentic Scotchguard stain resistant protectant, both of which help to bring your furniture back to a refreshed and re-vitalized condition and help it stay that way. Whether it’s the family couch, your favorite recliner, or the patio furniture outback, let us professionally bring new life back to your furniture so that you can continue to enjoy it for many years to come.

Get Started

If you have used upholstery cleaning services in the past, you probably know that the methods, quality of technicians, and cleaning can vary greatly. Peach Carpet Care is a well-known service provider in North-Metro Atlanta. We don’t just make a claim that we are the best, we prove it every day with satisfied customers, many of whom have provided enthusiastic testimonials. Please visit our testimonials page to learn more about what some of our thousands of customers are saying about our professional cleaning services.

Contact Peach Carpet Care today to schedule a cleaning that will leave you and your guests impressed.