Mattress Cleaning

Many of Peach Carpet Care’s customers realize that routine steam cleaning of their carpet and upholstery is beneficial to the life of the fabrics and the environmental health of their home. They know that this process is a cost-effective way to guarantee that their home is clean and free of harmful contaminants

However, mattress cleaning is often an overlooked aspect of home cleaning and disinfection. Did you know the average mattress contains over one million dust mites? Or that the weight of the average mattress doubles after 10 years due to dust mite infestation. Nasty dust mites love to burrow into mattress fabric and feed on dead skin cells. And the average person sheds one to three pounds of skin cells per year with most of these dead skin cells winding up in your mattress.

Fortunately, we offer an affordable and easy solution to help you rid your home of dust mites and dander. Peach Carpet Care controls dust mites by professionally cleaning and treating mattresses to help eliminate the accumulation of dander, dust mites and odors. Call today for a free consultation or to schedule a convenient appointment.

What are dust mites?

Dust mites are microscopic bugs found in many homes. They can cause an allergic reaction in people who are particularly sensitive to them. These reactions can be serious, making mattress cleaning and sanitizing a high priority.

Dust mites can live and thrive in many climates, but particularly thrive in the hot and humid conditions here in North Georgia. Having your mattress professionally cleaned by Peach Carpet Care will deter the reproduction of existing dust mites. Take your mattress back and make your bed a place of peaceful rest.

Our Process

Peach Carpet Care pre-treats and steam cleans your mattress and then sanitizes the entire mattress with a specialized formula, Benefect Botanical Decon 30, which kills over 99.9% of bacteria and contains no synthetic fragrances, dyes or bleaches. This process not only kills and removes dust mites and dander but it helps ensure that they don’t return.

For 100% safe and effective professional mattress and sanitizing, contact Peach Carpet Care and schedule your convenient appointment today. As always, HEALTHY - FRESH - CLEAN.